We believe that our success comes from the contribution of all our employees, and we always keep the “human and our human values” at the center of our corporate culture.

In line with our company strategy and goals, we employ talented individuals who are experts in their fields, and we support their development on their career journeys. The motive behind this effort is to create a creative and dynamic work environment that is open to change and innovation.

Every one of us feels valuable at Yorglass and act under the principles of human values. This understanding forms the foundation for our goals. We all know that we are part of a whole. We believe that individual differences enrich us by adding new perspectives. To this end, we do not tolerate discrimination.

We create a respectful, transparent and sincere communication environment and act with a sense of responsibility. We see our mistakes as opportunities and support our employees to create a culture in which we continue to learn from one another.

Our Talent Community

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